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Roman Phalera pendant

Roman Phalera pendant

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Silver gilt phalera, 3rd - 4th Century AD, with turquoise accents and turquoise bead necklace.

The phalera, a term rooted in the ancient Roman lexicon, bore a multifaceted significance. These ornamental discs, often awarded for military valour or worn as symbols of prestige, adorned the attire of Roman soldiers and dignitaries alike. Originating from a time when the Roman Empire held sway, phalerae encapsulated both the grandeur of the state and the valour of its warriors. These decorative emblems, marked by artistic finesse, symbolized a culture's reverence for both ornament and achievement.

This silver gilt phalera is a symphony of geometry, Within the raised dome is an elegant six-petalled flower relief. The meticulous craftsmanship of the flowers unfolds with an artistry that mesmerizes. Each petal, a study in precision, contributes to a harmonious composition that exudes both delicate beauty and refined grandeur. The attachment holes, three in number, serve as silent witnesses to the phalera's historical journey.

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